Length Measurement. 250-ft.Color/Finish Family. Black. Package Quantity. 1. Sock Included. Common Use. Used to move water away from structures and foundations.. "/>. SDR35 : Available in sizes 4", 6" and 8", other sizes can be special ordered upon request. Schedule 20 (Sewer & Drain Pipe) : Available in 4" & 6" only. Corrugated Flexible Pipe : Available in sizes 3", 4" and 6" in stock. Fittings for many types of pipes available either up to 12" in stock or by special order. Step 4 - Adding Gravel and Landscape Fabric. Landscaping fabric will prevent the soil from leeching into the gravel and clogging the perforated drainage pipe. Lay the fabric in the trench. Use enough landscape fabric to allow it to wrap around the pipe and all the gravel that will be used. Add enough gravel to make a depth of at least two inches.

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